Mini Tri

Bike, Run, Swim, work.

I guess that is more than a tri, but that was what I needed up doing today. I did a run at the park I mentioned the other day. I was in a time crush for a virtual meeting at work, but still tried to make a good effort. I am still not fleet of foot and a lot of things hurt when you are this big, but getting over those pains and hopefully seeing some rewards will do me well.

I have never been a runner and as long as I can remember, I have more or less shuffled like this guy.

I had a period where I ran well then I had a foot injury which derailed my running and even my walking for a while. I am happy that injury is mostly healed (no pun intended) and I can get back to an exercise I don’t totally mind as long as I get to see something different.

I have a bit of a routine planned out for my next outing there. I hate running laps, but this way I can stay close to my car and quickly get back to my work if it so calls for it.  There is not a huge elevation gain, but there is a small hill that I can do some quick burst repeats on. The backside of the hill has a trail that is ADA compliant and just the right length for a cool down. How smart of them!

Locked to the rack lik eth rest of the cool kids. Yes I need to plug my bars!

One of the benefits of this park is that it is so close to my new favorite salad. I’m a fat kid on a mission, access to good food is important. The berry almond chicken salad from Wendy’s is the bomb, and it is something I am going to start making at home for lunch so I can skip on the really high salt rating. I think their almonds are too salty, but I don’t like salty nuts.

I also took a ride to the pool on the single speed cross bike. After a few laps in the pool and some lower body work with the pool as resistance, I headed back home by way of a new route that explored. I have found the headwaters of the Wiss and the start of the Green Ribbon Trail I mentioned the other day. I think I lost the trail but I found a new relatively car free ride back from the pool and “downtown”. I don’t like how folks drive when they cut through the downtown part of my town, so this will give me a round about way to avoid them.

What the heck is on your bike? It is a Porta-Pack from Greydon Turner. It might look a little goofy, but it is better than a small seat bag that has everything crammed. It is better than my jersey pockets because my tools and tubes always pulled on my jersey which strangled me. It is also better than a water backpack because…there is no backpack. It will fit just about any bike out there and he makes a few different models now.

I do have to say that I can fit a good amount of gear in the pack. I generally have two tubes, a multi tool, pump, and sometimes even two phones. Be careful while opening it with something as heavy as a phone in it. Because of it’s design, it does have a tendency to flip down and drop your goodies on the pavement. I sleeved this issue by putting my phone at the back of the bag instead of near the opening. If you are trying to get a gel out or something like that, you can do so while riding. It has a large zipper pull which is good enough for gloved hands. I do wish Greydon picked from somewhere else than the Henry Ford color pallet, but that is all right with me because black is the new black.


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