I’ve been everywhere man

On the way to my run today, I heard Rihanna “singing” a “song” and it has been in my head. Mostly because she uses an innocuous but obvious line from a Hank Snow tune.

I much prefer Hank Snow for sure.

Aug of 1996 Left side behind the girl in the white dress and thinner under all that baggy clothing.
Happy to say 99% of this picture I still call a close friend and I can call on at anytime.

Today was not the best of days, but there were some rays of sunshine. One of which being the fact that Strava lied to me and said I had a personal best for my mile.

I know that this number is in the mid 8s and it occurred somewhere around right now in 1997 when I was entering my senior year of HS and was as close to “ripped” as I will ever get.

I will take my time of 12:36 for my best time post 33 and at my  current weight. My goal is to get back to sub 9 minute miles that I had just prior to my foot injury. I don’t think I will hit my speed and strength of 17 years ago, but the weight of that time might be a nice thing and my goal is pretty close to my football listed weight.

Memories aside, the run was hot and a bit muggy. There was some lady running the other direction who was wearing so much perfume I could smell it for at least 2/10ths of a mile behind her. She is either fast or wears too much.

My night activity involved some slow swimming and pool walking with the lady and then a trip to pick up some clothes for her. As any good cyclist would, I changed out of my bathing suit with the assistance of my car doors.

One of the reasons The Element is a pick among out door types is not because of clever marketing, it is because it does everything include turn into a personal changing space for all of the things we do.

Sometimes it does not cover everything, but the important parts can stay covered. I got a little freaked out tonight because after I did my superman change, I saw someone slowly ride through the parking lot. When we came out of the store, there was a police SUV sitting in the lot pointed directly at my car but not doing anything.

We held off Somkey by eating some burritos and tacos but sat nervous while plotting the rest of the night incase I were taken in for flashing my pale white chicken breast looking thigh to some unsuspecting house wife. We both ate more chips than we wanted to partially because we were both starving after a long time since a hearty lunch and we were nervous about what to say to the cops.

Unless they allow  wordpress in the pokey, I am free as a bird and might think twice before exposing it in a parking lot again.


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