New Stage. New Ideas.

A few months back, I fulfilled a dream of joining the staff of Discovery communications.  I left a career that I loved but where I felt trapped, disappointed, and generally pretty unhappy.
I had a distant view of another patch of emerald turf and I wanted to be there at almost any cost.
With the career shift came some lifestyle changes and new goals. I embraced the travel, the lack of homework, the freedom of working from home and all of the other perks that came with the new job.
The only problem was when I looked around at the fields of grass around me, I kept looking upon the large section of trampled sod behind me and saw a life and a feeling that I missed greatly.
They say those with post traumatic stress look back on what circumstances that caused the trauma almost fondly because our minds block out the bad parts and only let us see the good. It’s rare that you will hear a vet pining to go back to Vietnam but they will almost uniformly talk about the good times over there. My circumstances were and are nothing like theirs but it illustrates my point about looking back fondly.
Most teachers that have ever stood and delivered have a strong connection to their students, their craft, and what they do. It’s who you are and something that sticks with you forever.
We all had that feeling about our teachers in the past. We thought they they were teachers all the time. That’s why seeing them at the mall on the weekend brought whispers in the Monday morning hallways.
I feel like a teacher all the time no matter what I am doing. I am at my best when I am teaching someone something. Regardless if it is bikes, chemistry, or something else, I am meant to be teaching and that is where I will be tomorrow morning.

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