Washington Couldn’t get lost.

My ride tonight.

I am starting to get back in the groove. I have a very early wake up call, but I get out so early now. I am getting back in to the swing of things with the school schedule. I am mostly digging the out by 3 deal. I have to keep my motivation up after my commute home or I will fall into the trap of taking a nap or breaking my motivation to get out and enjoy the life of ending work so early.

I was able to gather the muster to get the dog squared away, squeeze into one of my favorite jerseys and get to the tarmac in time to maximise the waning light. I decided on a bit of an easy ride by flowing the RRR blazes that are all around my neighborhood. I have tried to do this before only to lose track of them.

This happened again tonight as I tried to find them but made a “wrong” turn. Luckily my spidey sense figured out where I was and made me turn around but not without dropping in motivation and speed for the ride home.

I did have the chance to inform some rowdy teenage boys that convertible cabrio V-dub is only for high school and college aged girls and I let a right hooker know that in PA, that move is illegal and dangerous. He didnt expect me to show up at his mailbox after he almost killed me.

Think twice…sucker.

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