The Boss

The other day I got a call from my partner in crime, Harry.  I knew it had to do with a show since Harry and I have seen some awesome shows together. He might be one of the only people to have been at everyone of my top 10 shows of all time. I will work on that list another time.

It was a show he was asking about, but this time he asked about going to see the boss! He asked if I wanted to go see Bruce Springsteen! We have seen Coldplay, Cocksparrer, The Gorilla Biscuits and plenty of other random hardcore band but The Boss!

It took me about 10 seconds to say yes. I don’t normally do the big concert thing unless I am getting paid to do it, but this show was not to be missed.

Labor Day evening with the ultimate working man!

It rained almost all day long only letting up within an hour of the show. It made me pick some goulashes and a rain coat to the show and it turned out that we did not need it at all.

With our early entry to the show and Harry’s quick purchasing, we ended up very close to the stage and had an awesome time.

There is no way that I can name every song he played, but he rocked and rolled all night even to the point of pouring sweat out of his shoes!

My only observation beyond the rocking show was how loyal these fans are. It is great to see some people having such a great night but it is almost a little sad to know that they will never feel the intimacy of punk rock and hardcore. The closeness of the scene is a blessing and a curse. I do have to say that I have been lucky enough to sit on a level field with some of my musical heros and have common ground to talk with them. How cool is that? The only time I was ever star struck was sitting down with Dave Smalley and passing butter over to him. No matter what a fanboy I could have been to Dave, he was cool with me and we talked about all sorts of random stuff which almost made me more of a fan. Those thousands of fans will never have a chance to sit with Bruce and just talk. I don’t think it is because of his unwillingness, I just think that time and safety would be top concerns for The Boss and his handlers.

I think he would like me….although I was way too big to ever be born to run.

Thanks to Harry for yet another awesome show.


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