Changing Gears

Tools of the single speeder

It aint no metaphor baby. I am attempting to race my bicycle in a singlespeed fashion which means often changing the gear ratio. It is a pain in the butt but so is waking up something you know you can ride. I can tell you from experience, it sucks to get your butt kicked because you did not have enough gas left after pushing too high of a gear for too long.

I suffer from the mindset that high gear equals fast. That does not quite work all the time especially when someone of my stature is trying to push a big gear. Not only will any mechanical advantage help me, the bigger the gear the harder it is to get me moving.

Experiments have happened and they will continue to happen through the cross season. My DFL showing at whilrybird was partially due to my gearing and my fitness. Too much of one and not enough of another. I am going to try to balance them out as the season goes along. Lets see where it leads us. Maybe to the shop to buy some gears!


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