Hiking through the grind.

The daily grind is sometimes just that. I am onto a new semester and after my visit to Kentucky, I have my eye on wide open spaces again. I have a great season of racing bikes to look forward to and being close to home has been better for my riding and relationships, but I pine for a new look at this rock we live on and for some some of my ideas to come to reality.

The ideas take work, the outlook is getting better as the days get longer and I continue to sweat it out at the Y.

After some great indian eats, I stopped by the gym and put a hurting on the treadmill and the weights. I call this the hiking workout. It is more or less something that popped in my head with the help of some past training and some understanding of resistance and aerobic training.

I start out with a treadmill hike. it is a 20 minute event with 5 minutes of hell somewhere near the middle. It starts out with a gentle incline with an alternating incline or speed increase every two minutes till minute 12 where you should reach max elevation and walk at a pace that is just short of a run. you hold that position and walk like hell till minute 7 then you drop the tempo and elevation every minute till you are at a stroll similar to the car.

After that, i do 3 sets of 8 clean and press paired with 3 sets of forward and backward lunges.

Once I have successfully kept my dinner down, I head off to the rack where I do 3 sets of one legged bicep curl to shoulder press

Once the rest of the pick up put down crew thinks I am sufficiently strange, I jump on the leg press machine to throw up 3×8 presses with 3 sets of 8 “shirt openers” thrown in for fun.

That is all that I threw down for tonight in addition to my typical warm up and core work. It was hard, but I feel that I worked hard enough yet I will still be able to walk tomorrow.


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