Single Speed Cyclocross poster reprints.

The initial run of screen printed posters for the 2013 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship was so popular, we decided to do a second run of posters. Here is the deal. We need a minimum of 20 posters ordered. I am offering this up for one week only. That means if you want one, you … Continue reading

Hiking through the grind.

The daily grind is sometimes just that. I am onto a new semester and after my visit to Kentucky, I have my eye on wide open spaces again. I have a great season of racing bikes to look forward to and being close to home has been better for my riding and relationships, but I … Continue reading

The Boss

The other day I got a call from my partner in crime, Harry.  I knew it had to do with a show since Harry and I have seen some awesome shows together. He might be one of the only people to have been at everyone of my top 10 shows of all time. I will … Continue reading

New Bag Day

Today is the day! My new pannier bags arrived from Swift Industries. The Seattle duo makes every hand built bag to order. They truly picked out the right color for my bag. The neutral brown 1000D courdura bag looks great on my stead and fits to the Brooks saddle perfectly with the perforated leather straps. … Continue reading

New Stage. New Ideas.

A few months back, I fulfilled a dream of joining the staff of Discovery communications.  I left a career that I loved but where I felt trapped, disappointed, and generally pretty unhappy. I had a distant view of another patch of emerald turf and I wanted to be there at almost any cost. With the … Continue reading

I’ve been everywhere man

On the way to my run today, I heard Rihanna “singing” a “song” and it has been in my head. Mostly because she uses an innocuous but obvious line from a Hank Snow tune. I much prefer Hank Snow for sure. Today was not the best of days, but there were some rays of sunshine. … Continue reading

Bottom 2%

I went on a ride with my buddy Marc. We used to teach together and he is often game for a good ride. He never complains that I take him in awful directions or generally cause him to ride beyond his comfort level. I am pretty sure that if or when he upgrades his bike, … Continue reading

Green Ribbon for exploring

I got a glimpse of the trail system near our somewhat new house last week. I wanted to get out and do some more exploring on it. Since we are in August now, it is cross time so I took out the single speed cross bike and hit up this hint of green trail that … Continue reading

Art show

My first solo Photo show was tonight. Sure it was in a bike shop and sure it was put on by a friend and sure really only my friends showed up, but I am really psyched for how it all turned out. I ended up selling three pieces. I thought they were the best shots … Continue reading

Thirsty Thursday

While I am back at my diggs, I am still adjusting to missing some time at work while being home and generally worried about stuff back there. I am trying to put a good face on and not front like I am nervous about a bunch of things, but you can only control what is … Continue reading