Up Down All Around

Day 3 of the my time in Colorado started with an early wet nose wake up courtesy of Lucy, my hosts black lab mix. She was right. It was time to get up and get the day started. I had grand plans and they don’t come to those that wait. I got on my giddy … Continue reading

I’ve been everywhere man

On the way to my run today, I heard Rihanna “singing” a “song” and it has been in my head. Mostly because she uses an innocuous but obvious line from a Hank Snow tune. I much prefer Hank Snow for sure. Today was not the best of days, but there were some rays of sunshine. … Continue reading

Mini Tri

Bike, Run, Swim, work. I guess that is more than a tri, but that was what I needed up doing today. I did a run at the park I mentioned the other day. I was in a time crush for a virtual meeting at work, but still tried to make a good effort. I am … Continue reading

Bottom 2%

I went on a ride with my buddy Marc. We used to teach together and he is often game for a good ride. He never complains that I take him in awful directions or generally cause him to ride beyond his comfort level. I am pretty sure that if or when he upgrades his bike, … Continue reading

Green Ribbon for exploring

I got a glimpse of the trail system near our somewhat new house last week. I wanted to get out and do some more exploring on it. Since we are in August now, it is cross time so I took out the single speed cross bike and hit up this hint of green trail that … Continue reading

Old Head

This past Sunday, I helped out at the super sale event of Keswick Cycle. I have not worked a Super Sale in a while. When I was a super part timer there, I think super sale took a few days off my life and for sure pushed my wife to the brink a few times. … Continue reading

Art show

My first solo Photo show was tonight. Sure it was in a bike shop and sure it was put on by a friend and sure really only my friends showed up, but I am really psyched for how it all turned out. I ended up selling three pieces. I thought they were the best shots … Continue reading

Thirsty Thursday

While I am back at my diggs, I am still adjusting to missing some time at work while being home and generally worried about stuff back there. I am trying to put a good face on and not front like I am nervous about a bunch of things, but you can only control what is … Continue reading


  What a pace I feel like I have been going at. Work, family, and the other commitments that make me tick. It could be overbearing at times and I feel that things I really care about get pushed aside, but adulthood should be called priorityhood. You gotta just set the right things in order … Continue reading

Anti Matter

I have been writing for public consumption or disposal since somewhere around 1994 or so. I, along with my buddy Ed (he only lasted one issue) started a zine called Generation X. It was an outlet of sorts for some angst ridden hardcore skater types from an otherwise boonies town that just so happened to … Continue reading