Crossing Over Intergalactic Style

I always want to enter these team relay races, but since I am more or less a bicycle nomad, I don’t have a team any longer but I do have a network of people out there that I enjoy riding with and I think they even like riding with me. I had a text from … Continue reading


Early this week I finally finished the rebuild of the HighLife bike. It now has a chain that I can rely on, and some new fancy looking bartape. I needed to get out on her for a little bit longer than I did on Saturday. Saturday was just a blow off kind of ride around … Continue reading

24 inches and 50 racers later

When my car hit the curb, I thought about the money I was going to have to spend to fix this thing and how I was going to miss the Bilenky race for the 4th year in a row. I had intended on going to this race to shoot some pictures, and I was determined … Continue reading


Like a good Kenzo, we are not going to let some rain get in the way of having fun. Most of the lights will still be on, and we will be racing in the rain. Come out and have fun tonight. Registration begins at 7, and we race around 8:10, or as soon as Jordy … Continue reading