Washington Couldn’t get lost.

I am starting to get back in the groove. I have a very early wake up call, but I get out so early now. I am getting back in to the swing of things with the school schedule. I am mostly digging the out by 3 deal. I have to keep my motivation up after … Continue reading

Mini Tri

Bike, Run, Swim, work. I guess that is more than a tri, but that was what I needed up doing today. I did a run at the park I mentioned the other day. I was in a time crush for a virtual meeting at work, but still tried to make a good effort. I am … Continue reading

Bottom 2%

I went on a ride with my buddy Marc. We used to teach together and he is often game for a good ride. He never complains that I take him in awful directions or generally cause him to ride beyond his comfort level. I am pretty sure that if or when he upgrades his bike, … Continue reading