Changing Gears

It aint no metaphor baby. I am attempting to race my bicycle in a singlespeed fashion which means often changing the gear ratio. It is a pain in the butt but so is waking up something you know you can ride. I can tell you from experience, it sucks to get your butt kicked because … Continue reading

May Day Alleycat

Tomorrow afternoon the cats will meet out in Clark Park to race through some Alleys. This race benefits the Wooden shoe book store. This non profit is the hot spot for tips on beard growth, hygine without water and “traveling”. I kid…it is the best spot in the city to pick up any of your … Continue reading

I think I may have lost one.

I think I am still shivering from my Single Speed Mountain bike ride today. I went out to test out some gear, and based upon the temperature that I left the house at, I was fine with no shoe covers and shorts to go along with my wool jersey and winter gloves. I know that … Continue reading

24 inches and 50 racers later

When my car hit the curb, I thought about the money I was going to have to spend to fix this thing and how I was going to miss the Bilenky race for the 4th year in a row. I had intended on going to this race to shoot some pictures, and I was determined … Continue reading

Good bye Tricross

I sold my Specialized Tricross bike on Wednesday! This bike was one of the most perfect bikes out of the box. I recommend anyone get this bike. I raced two seasons on it and used it for countless rides on some mixed-use trails and paths. For the most part the bike was perfect. I was … Continue reading

Follow the yellow road

I headed out of school as close to Three as I could, and I made it to the trail pretty quickly. It seems that I ride Pennypack mostly in the fall, and mostly at night, so whenever I discover a trail, I am stoked that I found my way around the place. If you have … Continue reading

Allentown Fair and late night bike polo.

Friday was sort of a waste in the respect that I did not get much done at all as far as working out. I did a bunch of schoolwork, and the dog and I went for a decent walk, but no real work on the bike. I was getting ready to go for a ride … Continue reading

Thats It!

So today is the last day of summer for me.  Sure I have next Friday and Monday off, but really today was it! I had a good summer, and the last few weeks have been what I needed to get ready to go back to school. I started off my day with something new to … Continue reading