Washington Couldn’t get lost.

I am starting to get back in the groove. I have a very early wake up call, but I get out so early now. I am getting back in to the swing of things with the school schedule. I am mostly digging the out by 3 deal. I have to keep my motivation up after … Continue reading

Follow along

For those of you who follow this little thing we got going on here, check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/surlyrider for tons of Nahbs Pics and the Shows website for some of the writing I did for the show. I will post links there later. Too tired each night to actually post! Here are some of the articles … Continue reading

I think I may have lost one.

I think I am still shivering from my Single Speed Mountain bike ride today. I went out to test out some gear, and based upon the temperature that I left the house at, I was fine with no shoe covers and shorts to go along with my wool jersey and winter gloves. I know that … Continue reading

Honesty is the best policy.

A few weeks ago I ordered the t-shirt of the month from Twin 6. I got two of them on accident, so I expected the bag to be heavy, but this was much more. It seems as though the fine folks at twin6 sent me a bunch of other stuff that was not mine. I … Continue reading