Snow Cross

Jamie a former mtb teammate and master of the race shenanigans who has been mentioned on this blog in the past wrote a little race report for a cool event that I had to miss due to my Track and Field responsibilities. It is probably for the better that I was not there, because I probably would have crashed and I would be writing this with one arm. So take it away you round mound of ginger love!

Jamie A.

This past Saturday was Blue Mountain’s annual Snow Cross race. For those of you who are not familiar with this format, it is a 4 cross slalom on snow with all the berms  and jumps. Amazingly, there were just over 100 racers that showed up for this event with the temperature at 22 deg. with a wind chill of 7.

The race was run in elimination format with 2 racers advancing from each round.  East Coast DH legend’s Lars Tribus and Jacob Dallegro, plus the “kids”  Neko and Logan Mullaly were in the field. This would end up being your final 4 with Neko Mullaly 1, Logan Mullaly 2, Jacob Dallegro 3, and Lars Tribus 4. Many of the skiers and boarders stopped to watch the madness. All in all it was a great day to watch some amazing mountain bike racing on the icy ski slopes of Blue Mountain in PA.

all pictures are by jamie. Thanks buddy!

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  1. Thanks for the nice read, inspiring to see athletes on this level!

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