Anti Matter

I have been writing for public consumption or disposal since somewhere around 1994 or so. I, along with my buddy Ed (he only lasted one issue) started a zine called Generation X. It was an outlet of sorts for some angst ridden hardcore skater types from an otherwise boonies town that just so happened to have the music gods shine on us at the right time.

Where I come from has a backwards way about it that as I look back on it, makes me miss it, but oh man do I hate some stuff that went on then and is still going on “up there”. Against all odds, the old coal mining region of Wilkes Barre-Scranton made for one of the best hardcore punk rock music scenes the world over.

Bands and visitors alike were amazed by the community we made of it. Since the late 80s/ early 90s there has been a strong hold of punk and hardcore in this tight community of backwoods “rednecks’

I was going to go on a long ramble about how much I loved that time and those people (I just spent my night with one of them!), but I will spare you the trip down memory lane.

The lady and I spent the last few days reliving some of our youth with a visit to Southern California and a night with some of my favorite bands of all time. I will reflect on this at another time, but I wanted to share that I bought a book called The Anti-Matter Anthology while I was out there.

Anti Matter, Rumpshaker, and Big Brother Magazine had a huge influence on my life, my writing, and some of my outlook on musics and politics. There were other friends local zines, but these three really pushed me to write and to document what was going on around me.

I was suspended from school for a day for reading Big Brother in 8th grade science class of all places. Full circle some may say! I remember reading Anti Matter 3 in study hall in High School and the jocks making fun of me for reading such a dumb magazine. When I finally got to meet Eric of Rumpshaker, you would have thought I just met Hemingway.

Before I see stars from exhaustion, let me finish with this. Norm reignited a love of writing that I had turned into an obligation or a job a while ago, so I am back. I have said it before, but back I come.

Thanks Eric, Norm, and Steve.

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  1. vdubhead says:

    Welcome back friend!

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